ODINE is an integrated B/OSS suite of intelligent applications that enable operators to manage all aspects of their wholesale interconnect voice business more efficiently and profitably.

ODINE was developed to meet operators’ evolving needs and provides flexible policy driven routing, route optimization, numbering, rating, billing, number portability, technical and financial reporting, and dispute management.


The Odine Dispute Management System enables Wholesale operators to successfully manage the billing dispute process with policies, procedures, and automated workflow & analysis, all with minimum human intervention. No more time consuming CDR analysis, getting lost in Excel files and thousands of lines of CDRs!

DMS let’s Operators improve management of past-due accounts resulting from unresolved disputes by drastically reducing resources spent to resolve disputes and accelerating the time to resolve disputes, fast tracking disputed invoices to the critical collection phase, freeing up funding for new deals.


CRS was developed to meet the needs of this network evolution while extending the usable life of existing VOIP and softswitch network systems. CRS is a high-performance SIP Redirector successfully resolving route management issues in any multi vendor, multi node and multi site packet voice network. Thanks to CRS, the network operation is simplified through the centralization of key routing control resulting in savings in both OPEX and CAPEX. Upgrading existing hardware is efficiently delivered through the CRS, which is important when CAPEX budgets are being closely scrutinized.


TBS, a pre-integrated module of the ODINE Suite, is responsible for the near real time Interconnect Billing and Settlement function for Wholesale Operators and Carriers.

TBS has been designed to handle the end-to-end billing cycle for an ever increasing number of interconnect partners, while reducing costs through increased efficiency and through reductions of errors in a traditionally error-prone process. By ensuring that every CDR is mediated, rated, and invoiced, TBSallows carriers to eliminate revenue leakage, ensuring that hard fought for margins are not lost to back office billing errors.


ROS, Route Optimization System, is a Route Planning and Management solution, designed to optimize routing in order to maximize Wholesale Carrier’s profit margins whilst assuring the levels of QoS delivered to their customers. ROS enhances the carrier’s ability to readily understand and adapt decision-making to rapidly changing market and network conditions to more successfully automate, streamline and optimize the routing process.

ROS is designed to enable operators to route their traffic in an extensive and advanced way. Its unique proprietary routing algorithm allows taking fast and flexible routing decisions.


BOS has been specifically designed to effectively address these new monitoring requirements. It is designed to detect traffic anomalies and wholesale fraud in near-real time through its granular traffic monitors and flexible alarming engine.

BOS is a powerful OSS/BSS designed to serve real time monitoring & Alerting requirements of any interconnect business. BOS empowers telecom carriers with real-time visibility into their networks to gather advanced traffic analysis and network performance information for more efficient management of their interconnect voice business. With the tools in its arsenal, BOS empowers carriers to rapidly find, diagnose and fix issues before they become revenue affecting problems.

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