A tool to handle all of the financial aspects of a carrier’s business, and includes Billing, Trading, and Settlement functionalities – A-Leg Billing, Invoicing, Trading, Settlement, Netting for Bilateral Carriers, Reporting, Prepaid Balance and Loss Alarm Management, Dispute Management, General Ledger

ODINE I TBS, a pre-integrated module of the ODINE Suite, is responsible for the near real time Interconnect Billing and Settlement function for Wholesale Operators and Carriers. ODINE I TBS has been designed to handle the end-to-end billing cycle for an ever increasing number of interconnect partners, while reducing costs through increased efficiency and through reductions of errors in a traditionally error-prone process. By ensuring that every CDR is mediated, rated, and invoiced, TBSallows carriers to eliminate revenue leakage, ensuring that hard fought for margins are not lost to back office billing errors.


Master & Child Carrier Relationship
Flexibility to generate one invoice or separate invoices for sub carriers
Prepaid account management with auto-blocking and alarm notification
Auto Invoicing Console for generating customer invoices
Flexible Rating with User-Defined time bands and Auto-Rate Import Module for provider rates
Wizard Based Carrier Code Management
Flexible User Friendly Offer Management with possible loss alert notifications
CDRs level comparison with your suppliers’ or customers’ while providing various reports & useful exportable data
Flexible & User Friendly Agreement Management tool with summary reports & alert notifications
Floor Price and Margin Group Management
Pivot Based Business Reports
Provider Prefix Mismatch Management
Target and LCR Management
Multi Currency Support
Exposure & SoA Analysis
Black & White Lists with ANI-DNIS Groups
Wizard Based Traffic Trend Analysis Report


Near real time information allows for rapid actions to be taken in the current dynamic and volatile wholesale markets

Use of automation and overall ease of use reduce complexity and errors, while decreasing the amount of time required to finalize interconnects with new partners

Prepaid billing opens new avenues for revenue generation through partnerships with smaller carriers

A reliable and scalable platform to painlessly grow your business

Integrated Mediation engine’s mechanisms prevent revenue leakage and ensures revenue assurance